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One of the Best Curtains Shop in Dubai

At Al Noor CC, we offer a comprehensive range of interior solutions to transform your space into a haven of style and comfort.

Wallpaper installation
Wallpaper designs

We offer a range of classic 3-D and antique-style room wallpaper patterns, catering to both pocket-friendly designs and luxurious royal preferences. From timeless classics to extravagant options, we have it all! Get ready to be wowed.

pencil pleat curtains.jpg
Curtains and Draperies

Sky’s the limit when choosing a style for curtains, there are eyelet. Pinch pleat, rod pocket, goblet, sheer, and even American style curtains.....

Sofa upholstery
Sofa or Chair

A sofa set, sofa bed, sofa couches, armchair, or L-shaped sofa is one of the most essential and important pieces of furniture you will purchase. Finding the correct sofa means striking the perfect combination of function and....

office blinds

Depending on the type you choose, blinds might help you add another luxury to your home. In most homes, simple roller blinds are used to block light from entering a room These blinds are fitted for the window frame and cover the glass area of the window....

wooden flooring

With so many benefits when utilized in homes and workplaces, they are unquestionably one of the most attractive forms of flooring. The warmth, richness, and sense of coziness that a stunning oak floor radiates are qualities that no other style of flooring can match...

floor to floor carpets

We at Al Noor C & C one of the best carpets shops in Dubai provide you with basic information for you to have your dream rugs and carpet. From centerpieces to top-quality carpets and soft rugs we have them all.....

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  • How long will the turnaround take?
    Depending on the product type it can take as little as 2 days or as much as 1 week. But we try our best to make it as quick as possible.
  • How is the payment procedure carried out?
    By requesting 100% payment upfront, it allows us to allocate resources more efficiently, expedite order processing, and deliver the products in a timely manner. This updated policy ensures smoother transactions and enables us to offer even better service and value to our customers.
  • What are our timings?
    Monday-Thursday & Saturday: 9am-9:30pm Friday: 9am-1pm and 4pm-9:30pm Sunday: 4pm-9:30pm Lunch breaks: 2pm-4pm
  • Do you do free consultations?
    We give the customer an approximate pricing based on the size, quality, and fabric option once they inform us about the sort of curtains or whatever product type they're looking for. After the customer has agreed on an approximate pricing, we offer a free in-home consultation where they can select the specific fabric or material that they require.






 All of our customers of Al Noor Curtains in Dubai receive a comprehensive warranty for added peace of mind.

Our management team boasts over 28+ years of effective operation and a wealth of knowledge in the fabric industry. With their expertise and assurance, you can trust us to meet your needs.

We provide fixing to our customers, with reasonable rates to assure them that we care more about their satisfaction.

Our experts are always available to suggest you with the best, providing numerous options and considerate time for you to select or discuss. 24/7 online service.


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