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Al Noor C & C, together with a partnership company in Pakistan, has been supplying unique, handcrafted contract curtains, blinds, and carpets for almost 25 years. We've made tremendous strides because of high-quality goods and skillful craftsmanship.


Al Noor C & C, based in the United Arab Emirates, is a leading importer of soft furnishings and window coverings in Dubai. We have over 25 years of interior design experience and provide property owners in the UAE with the items, ideas, and inspiration they need to make their properties feel fresher. We are a family-run business that takes great pride in offering highly personalized, welcoming, and professional service at an affordable price. We emphasize on treating all residential and business customers like individuals since we know how important it is for them to get the most value for their money.


White sofa carpet and curtains
white blinds

At Al Noor, we think that professionalism and competence are the key components to a successful future. We think that striving for excellence and professionalism means paying close attention to detail, providing excellent customer service, being prepared to learn from our mistakes, and having respect for one another, our neighborhood, and society at large. We work hard to apply these principles in all of our interactions with clients, participants, faculty, staff, and everyone else we come into contact with.


It is our duty to ensure that every single one of our employees has equal rights and is immediately provided with a salary, a visa, and insurance. We guarantee their rights as soon as the time arrives, whether it be government tax or just the regular bills and rent. Having insurance and a license is our first priority.


We work together to dedicate some time to our plans and unique ideas, which further helps us improve and move closer to success, in order for a successful firm to run smoothly. Whether it be through our website, pamphlets, or magazines, we have given our best in every way to create or publicize our firm more in order that someday we get to the top of the business league. Help us advance so that one day you will be a part of this enormous achievement.



Al Noor Carpet strives to provide you with not only unique but also handmade designs, and each and every piece is the result of tireless day and night labor.


It is our responsibility to provide you with a furnished nice and clean product that meets your needs in every manner. And we aim to provide you with the supplies of your dreams.


Not only can we design your carpets and curtains, but we also take full responsibility for putting them up for you, whether it is only fixing or installation.

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