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A sofa set, sofa bed, sofa couches, armchair, or L-shaped sofa is one of the most essential and important pieces of furniture you will purchase. Finding the correct sofa means striking the perfect combination of function and style.

Consider the function How much room do you have for a sofa? How many members of your family or friends will gather on the couch for movie night? Are you single or recently married? Do you have any animals? Do you go out a lot? Do you have little children who like to jump on the sofas? Or do you just require couch upholstery?


Al Noor C & C, one of the leading sofa shops in Dubai, will recommend you with an excellent outcome, in high quality (sofa fabric), at a reasonable price, and with the quickest service to ensure you are satisfied and a loyal customer for life.

Many clients question us why our prices are so and so when they can buy a brand new sofa at the same price. The simple answer is that the sofa we upholster is likewise new. We completely transform an old sofa and personalize it to give it your own distinctive touch. Take a peek at our Upholstering procedure!

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