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7 Best color themes for a classy bedroom

"Color is a power which directly influences the souls." Wassily Kandinsky

Too many amateur designers let their beds and their spaces deviate from one another. If you currently own a bed, consider bedroom color choices that go well with its finish and design. All elements must work together to create a classy-looking decor. The art and bedding should complement each other, but the walls and floors set the overall mood.

We are here to assist you in selecting the right colors to make the most of the least. Remember that you don't have to go all out and buy pricey furnishings to make your space look better. Changing your bedsheets, reupholstering your couch, or adding a few throw pillows may all make a difference.

Getting fresh wallpaper is another method to spruce up your bedroom!

Best Bedroom color themes:

Golden, black, and white

black and golden bedroom

Not everyone is adept at blending various hues and tints. However, you don't need to be an expert to understand that black and gold are a highly classy pairing. With this opulent set, you can create a luxurious environment in your living room or across your entire house.

Gold is a classy color that, when properly paired, can give a space depth and personality while also adding comfort. In fact, gold-painted walls are a common feature in the most memorable rooms because they evoke a sense of both warmth and grandeur.

However, while working with such dark and strong hues, it is recommended to include a light color such as white. White is associated with thoughts of calm and purity in color psychology. It gives the impression that the room is larger. White walls can make a room appear larger and more open. It diffuses light better than any other color and brightens the environment. So make sure to include it

Elegant blue and silver

light blue and white bedroom

Blue and white are a dream combination for bedroom color schemes. No matter what shade of blue you select—from light, breezy blues to dark, rich navy—it is inherently calming.

navy blue and white bedroom

Blue is the ideal color for bedrooms since it is considered to lower blood pressure, moderate pulse rate, and lessen anxiety. It is a color that rarely fails, but it's vital to choose the proper tint for the size of your room.

Many shades of grey

grey bedroom

A black-and-white space may be just as lively as a color-filled one, especially when there is an abundance of texture and shape.

As an added bonus, black and white are incredibly soothing when combined, making this opposites-attract palette a great fit for bedrooms.

Gray is dispassionate, which helps to balance our emotions. Any bedroom will feel more at ease with a muted gray accent wall or decor.

black and white bedroom

The best thing about the color of ash is that it can perfectly moderate brighter or deeper hues and pull everything together.

So don't worry if a few of your decors aren't the same color, in fact, green potted plants, paintings, or vines might even make the room more breathable and interesting.

Nude and Neutrals

nude bedroom

Who would have guessed that color schemes for nude bedrooms could be so sophisticated?

The soft nude color scheme in a bedroom allows for more striking choices in other areas, such as the tufted furniture, glass chandelier, White framed paintings, or even potted plants.

On the other hand, the winter white will practically sparkle on lampshades and window curtains or blinds.

Additionally, brown is an ideal shade for a living area since it imparts a cozy and soothing ambiance.

Tropical theme

tropical theme bedroom

The 60-30-10 guideline makes it all too easy to concentrate only on the higher percentage. However, it is a fun chance to choose eye-catching accent colors to draw attention.

Make the most of a neutral foundation by selecting two stunning colors for the room's small accents when picking which bedroom color ideas to utilize. There are various possibilities, including peach and coral, mustard and green, and vivid teal and sea blue.

To give it more of a fresh atmosphere, go for wooden flooring and a tropical mural on one wall, with the other walls consisting of the same colored wallpaper or just plain paint.

For window accessories, you can opt for roller or wooden blinds, or even tab-top curtains. Whatever you go for, make sure the color complements the room.

Unsure which will work best for your bedroom? Or any other living space? Check out our guide for selecting the best curtains fit for you. Or you can check out our guide to selecting the best blinds for you.

Blue and blush pink

blue and pink bedroom

Because it promotes relaxation before bed and easy-on-the-eye awakenings, the light-absorbing hue of navy is great for a bedroom.

If you decide to use it on all four walls, be sure to include enough neutrals to balance out the darker hues while keeping the floor and ceiling white.

pink and blue living room

Blush pink is an excellent accent hue for midnight blue, so use it generously on bed linen, curtains, cushions, and throws.

Lavender and White

purple bedroom

Purple is an overlooked color that adds regal majesty to a bedroom. Create a comfortable, moody bedroom with dark purple. Light purple, on the other hand, will be soft and comforting. Both are wonderful characteristics for a bedroom.

Again, the 60-30-10 guideline may be applied here, with white being the dominant color, followed by 30% lilac and the remainder deep, sensuous purple.

lavender living room

It's entirely up to you whether you want more of the space to be darker or lighter. There is little likelihood of something going wrong.

One suggestion is to utilize mirrored or glass furniture, which nicely complements the color purple.

Always remember that the greatest colors for your room are ones that you enjoy and feel at ease with; before picking, make sure you can see yourself living and sleeping happily in the space for years (or at least until your next room makeover).

This advice is only intended to assist you; at the end of the day, whether you choose red, yellow, or yucky green as your bedroom theme, it will be perfect if you understand and know how to best accessorize your room.

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